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The #1 Secret to easily releasing the extra pounds has nothing to do with food – I’ll share that secret with you in a little bit, but first.

Are any of these true for you?

                    ✓ I feel like I’m at my wits end and don’t know what to do anymore
                   I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work (or last)
                   I’m tired of trying and the continuous struggle
                   I’m angry that I even have to deal with this
                   What I see in the mirror isn’t really who I am
                    I’m embarrassed and my weight holds me back

I hear you. You were led to believe that it’s all about calories or certain food choices and somehow you were bad, lazy or had no control or willpower. That’s just poppycock! You know you’re an awesome person and have had many other successes in your life. But, the extra weight is the one thing that is always in the back of your mind and holds you back in some areas of your life. Maybe you would like to attract the partner of your dreams, get a promotion or are ready to shine in a way that you feel good about? Maybe you just want to adore the person you see in the mirror?

If you’ve experienced the pain of feeling like you don’t have any control and you think you have to live this way by default, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Imagine it being easy to . . .

            ✮Lose that extra weight without diets, deprivation or willpower
            ✮ Feel more confident because you look good
            ✮ Be full of energy and ready for anything
            ✮ Feel safe and powerful in your new body
            ✮ Have a loving relationship with food
            ✮ Let the real person out and shine

Yes! - You can . . . easily!  Without diets, deprivation, self-condemnation or continually beating up on yourself, and finally keep it off.

As I promised you, the #1 Secret to ‘Making Weight Loss Easy’ to easily lose the extra pounds and has nothing to do with food is . . . (drum roll) . . . . your unconscious beliefs! Yep, you heard me right. It’s about what’s going on in the background in your unconscious that affects your weight challenges. Personally, I think that’s fabulous to know. Why? Because we can work with that. By laser focusing on what’s really going on behind the scenes and eliminate what’s causing you and your body to sabotage yourself. Once we’ve done that, then you’ll easily be able to start releasing the weight and make more effective food choices for yourself.

What a relief! It’s not your fault – It’s going to be o.k. – and I’m here to help you be the best you can be. Success is closer than you think.

Just think about freeing up all the time and energy that you’ve used and tied up in food and how you felt about yourself so you can now live the life you want - the way you want it!

How? The answer is simple. You’ll want to . . .

            ➣ Discover what’s really blocking your weight loss
            ➣ Eliminate those non-beneficial beliefs that have held you hostage
            ➣ Allow your body to release the weight easily
            ➣ Feel good about how you move and nourish your body
            ➣ Start adoring food with passion and joy again
            ➣ Enjoy the feeling of the new you

What Should I Do Next?

Schedule a no cost ‘Free My Body’ chat with Carol using the form on the right to begin your path to the new you.

If you need immediate assistance, call Carol’s office at 317-445-4203 to set up a time to chat OR fill out the form on the right now and I’ll get back to you right away. Especially if you are struggling, you don’t have to wait, I’m here to help.

What’s different about Carol?

Carol has helped people with their challenges for almost 30 years. During that time she recognized that the body/mind experience was just more than talk. It was everything. As a holistic practitioner and teacher of self-help, transformational and energy techniques during that time, along with dietary counseling and healthy food cooking classes, she has integrated the best of the best for fabulous results. Most health or weight loss coaches are all about the food, calories and exercise and don’t have the abilities to address the most important issue, your unconscious mindset.

She combines her love of people with a systematic and intuitive approach to help people reach their desired goals using Hypnosis and EFT. Carol helps people get to the root of their problem quickly and effectively so they can get results.

Her background includes spiritual reinforcement from practicing, teaching and training in meditation and yoga and opened one of the first Yoga teaching schools in her area. Her love of how the mind works with the body has been her passion. Along with her many certifications in a multitude of energy modalities, such as EFT, she is also certified as a Hypnotist. She worked as a university faculty member where she has taught courses in philosophy, psychology, sociology, and the humanities.


I got to my goal weight – the weight I was at 34 years ago when
I got married. I started out size 10 and am now size 4.
Check out the difference in my jean size after working with Carol....Shy Success **

I lost 21 pounds in 8 weeks! — Rachel Easley **

I lost 12 lbs. in 8 weeks. I didn't want to lose too fast so this was just right — T. Stinson **

My work with Carol was life changing. —LM **

** Results may vary for individuals

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