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Results below are individual, results for all clients will vary*

Making Weight Loss Easy should be something everyone gives to themselves as a
gift for their health and well-being. The techniques not only provide weight
loss but also a better understanding of oneself. I find myself tapping to
address emotions that are causing some discomfort even if I’m not tempted to eat.
Carol is amazing and incredibly supportive and provides so many tools to help you meet your goal.
I've been very pleased that I've lost slowly and not regained the weight.
— Julie Timke*

I lost 21 lbs. in 8 weeks. The group helped me to heal my life. This was so
much more than a diet or changing your eating habits. It was about changing yourself.
         — Rachel Easley*

I lost half the weight I wanted to lose in 3 weeks — Doris Gilbert*

I lost 21 lbs. in 14 weeks. I didn't want to lose too fast so this was just right
—T. Stinson*

The sessions made me aware of why I ate like I did. I lost 15 lbs. in the 8-week group.
—Jonathan Weber*

I have seen a significant change in my clothes. There is a lot more room in them! — BG*

I’ve struggled with weight loss my whole life; I had given up before I saw Carol.

Carol your manner, style and guidance was absolutely wonderful! You are so in tune with
what you do and took me right where I need to go, simply and directly. —JL*

I was amazed at how good I felt after working with Carol. Without experiencing this
for myself, I would have found it hard to believe . . . I would definitely recommend this program. — GD-G*

Working with Carol took me to places I hadn’t gone before. I learned important connections between my mind
and body and I am so grateful. —SN*

My work with Carol was life changing. —LM*

EFT worked deep in my psyche to release a long-held false belief about weight loss. Through Carol's coaching
I was able to break through this stumbling block and correct my thinking. I have lost twenty pounds, and have
 reached my goal. No counting calories, no measuring food amounts, no cumbersome tracking
routine. It was an internal shift that pushed me toward success. —NP*

Carol listens, she hears you, she becomes aware of what it is you are feeling as if she is going through
it herself right then and there with you. Before meeting with Carol and being lead through her approach
to weight loss, I had tried everything under the sun when it comes to dieting. This is not dieting. It
is so much more. This is 'freedom', which for me is the true meaning behind Carol's program.
In the first nine weeks of the program I lost 25 pounds. —SH*

Tapping created a breakthrough for me. It was immensely valuable. Tapping helped me feel safe for the first
time in my life. My income increased as a result of tapping, which will give me more time to take care of myself —VW*

I had a doctor's appointment and I found out I lost another 6 lbs. and my blood sugar was way down. I'm so
glad, I wanted you to know! —JW *

 I am feeling good about my progress. Monday when I came to work life happened again. My folder on the computer
that contains all the materials I have created around the grant I work on, literally weeks worth of work, was gone.
Someone deleted it. I was in a blind panic and our IT Manager could not find the back-up (escalate blind panic).
I DID NOT USE FOOD TO COPE ALL DAY! Thank you Carol for you gentle guidance. —GL*

Just listened to Week 3 audio, Wonderful. I am really appreciating going through this with everyone else. I had
an appointment with my doctor today. I've lost about 5 lbs. ...whoohoo! Feels good. —DG*

Carol’s system is wonderful. I have been losing weight steadily and without as much difficulty as I expected.
My eating desires have actually changed to healthier alternatives. I have also found tapping to be surprisingly
helpful in a number of other personal areas as well. — DK*

Carol is a sweet soul and I loved her voice. I am much more aware of what I put in my mouth and I lost
6-8 pounds in the 8 week group — KH*

I am very glad I invested these 8 weeks in myself. Thank You! — MGP*

Carol is the real deal. She doesn't come at this from a 'holier than thou'  attitude like some experts.
She meets you where you are and gives practical solutions to get better. — Anne Tipton*

Carol's approach helped me recognize my behaviors and figure out how to change.
I am interested in continuing this "investment" in my well-being — DB*

I find Carol to be an exceptional listerner. She incorporates what we say into the
tapping/hypnosis/conversation. I feel that Carol cares about me and my success. I lost
between 7-9 pounds in the 8-week group. — Carolyn Tipton*

Much smaller portions leave me satisfied. I make better choices and my clothes are looser — Karla W.*

I no longer eat pizza and drink coke several days a week. I used to chew the inside of my mouth
and lips and no longer do that. I lost 7 pounds in 8 weeks. — KM*

Carol is knowledgeable, creative, accepting, adaptable to individual and group needs/wants, encouraging and
always positive - finding that which is good in people and situations — EAS*